VanMoof Gets a Second Chance with McLaren in the Front Seat

    In a significant move in the world of e-mobility, Lavoie, a part of McLaren Applied, known for Formula one technology, has acquired VanMoof, a top-tier Dutch e-bike manufacturer. This acquisition, valued in the “tens of millions,” has the potential to reshape the landscape of premium e-bikes and offers a new lease on life for VanMoof.

    The rise and fall

    Founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, VanMoof quickly became known as the “Tesla of e-bikes.” Their innovative designs, featuring GPS, custom gear settings, and anti theft technology, received a lot of praise. The company grew worldwide by selling directly to customers and opening physical stores.

    However, like many hardware companies, VanMoof faced supply chain challenges during the pandemic, causing delays and quality problems. Despite raising significant funds and gaining high valuations, the company went bankrupt in August this year. This left customers with expensive e-bikes and limited repair options, as important parts were exclusive to the company and couldn’t be replaced. 

    Lavoie’s rescue mission

    Lavoie’s acquisition of VanMoof is a ray of hope for the struggling e-bike brand. While the purchase price was significantly lower than its 2021 valuation, it signals a strategic move by Lavoie to expand into the e-bike market, complementing its existing premium e-scooter operations.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Lavoie and McLaren Applied plan is to make VanMoof more stable and create a new kind of e-mobility business. They’ll use McLaren Applied’s knowledge to do this and try to change what premium e-mobility means. Eliott Wertheimer, Lavoie CEO, expressed confidence in the synergy between VanMoof and Lavoie, emphasizing their commitment to keeping VanMoof’s 190,000 global customers on the road while stabilizing and growing the brand.

    Nick Fry, McLaren Applied Chairman, believes this acquisition is a big move in changing how people get around in cities. They want to offer a fun and practical choice for urban residents. Their aim is to make top-notch e-mobility products that set new standards.

    The road ahead

    While this acquisition holds promise for the future of VanMoof and the premium e-bike industry, many uncertainties remain. VanMoof has not disclosed its plans publicly, leaving questions about deliveries, repairs, and customer support unanswered.

    Despite the unknowns, the partnership between Lavoie and VanMoof offers a fresh start for the Dutch e-bike maker. As McLaren Applied invests in stabilizing and expanding VanMoof’s business, the e-mobility industry may witness a remarkable transformation, blending Formula One engineering with innovative e-bike designs.

    David Zingmark
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