Videobot’s Role in Connecting Businesses and Generation Z

    Videobot, a Finnish SaaS startup, has raised €2 million in seed funding with a mission to transform online customer engagement using personalized, interactive videos. The need for this transformation is highlighted by Generation Z and younger audiences, who have a mere 1-second attention span for traditional ads.

    Anssi Kiviranta, co-founder of Videobot, highlights that 80% of internet traffic is now video content. Videobot’s innovative approach combines chatbots with short videos, creating new and engaging ways for businesses to connect with their target audiences, marking a significant shift in online communication.

    The benefits of Videobot

    Videobot’s software is a game-changer for businesses. It lets them show product demos whenever customers want and simplifies complex information. This boosts customer acquisition, with clients seeing a 98% rise in engagement, a 150% longer website stay, and a 36% increase in leads. Videobot is handy for various tasks, from generating leads to hiring and getting new employees up to speed. Matias Mäenpää, one of the co-founders, envisions a future where websites rely entirely on videos. With fast and stable internet, any brand can use video content to get more customers.

    Videobot’s path to growth

    The €2 million in funding has been secured from notable investors, including Finland’s Superhero Capital, Luxembourg’s Expon Capital Digital Tech Fund, and respected angel investors Urban Gillstrom from Sweden and Ari Korhonen from Finland. This substantial infusion of capital is set to accelerate Videobot’s growth, particularly in the European and US markets, where the company has already made significant steps.

    Currently having a significant presence serving over 200 customers across 15 countries and various industries. It’s at the forefront of reshaping how businesses engage with their customers online. As brands look for creative ways to grab the attention of Generation Z and younger audiences.

    David Zingmark
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