Agriculture Technology Pioneer Sets New Analysis Record

    Vultus (publ), a notable company in agricultural technology, has set a new record by analyzing 21,000 fields in a single day through its analysis platform. This achievement shows how the platform is becoming more powerful and reaching more people, especially with the help of IFFCO Kisan. Together, they’re making a difference for thousands of farmers by offering crucial advice that helps them farm better and more sustainably.

    Vultus and IFFCO Kisan

    Vultus uses satellite data to give farmers detailed info about their crops and the soil. This helps farmers all over the world grow their crops efficiently and environmentally friendly.

    IFFCO Kisan is a big part of the IFFCO group and leads the way in India’s farming tech. It aims to empower farmers by offering innovative solutions that boost crop productivity and sustainability. They offer everything from farming tips to weather updates, playing a key role in farming techniques. 

    David Zingmark
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