Webrock Ventures: Pioneering Tech Investment in Brazil

    Webrock Ventures, a Swedish investment firm, specializes in the growth of technology and digital platform companies in Brazil. Established in 2018, it operates as a venture studio, combining capital investment with active participation in company development, leveraging Sweden’s robust business models and technology to capitalize on Brazil’s burgeoning digital sector. Brazil’s vast and digitally savvy population of over 215 million makes it a prime market for digital innovation.

    This Nasdaq listing represents a critical leap for Webrock Ventures, underscoring its role in driving digital growth in Brazil while deepening the connection between the Brazilian and Swedish tech ecosystems.

    Key points:

    • WebRock concentrates on Brazil’s tech and digital platform sectors, utilizing Swedish innovation for a competitive edge.
    • Beyond financing, Webrock engages in company building, emphasizing significant ownership and project development.
    • Bilateral Operations: Maintains a strong presence in both Sweden and Brazil, underscoring a commitment to fostering growth in these strategic markets.
    • Nasdaq First North Growth Market Listing: Achieved a milestone with its listing under “WRV” on February 5, 2024, following a successful share issue raising SEK 70 million (EUR 6,1 million). 
    • Stock exchange: First North Stockholm
    • Stock ticker symbol: ‘WRV’


    Visit their website for more information:

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