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    Welcome to Sattelite, A Content Distribution Platform – where business stories come alive, and dreams take center stage. We understand the exhilaration of building something from scratch, the thrill of innovation, and the sleepless nights that fuel your passion. Why? Because we're dreamers and doers, just like you.


    What's the purpose of our Sattelite?

    Sattelite serves as a Content Distribution Platform, offering startups, scaleups, and listed stock market companies a solution to cut through the constant buzz in mass media and social platforms. Through Sattelite, we've cultivated an audience eager to discover businesses like yours. Whether they're looking to make a purchase, forge partnerships, share your story across their media channels, or invest in your venture, our platform connects you with individuals poised to engage.

    Our journey began in february 2023 as everyday investors seeking exciting opportunities in the stock market. Faced with the challenge of finding and understanding promising companies, we realized the lack of accessible resources. Scanning forums and social groups only reinforced our struggle - There was no centralized hub to uncover the true potential of early-stage businesses.

    This realization ignited the launch of Sattelite. Now, a year later, our platform boasts a thriving a everyday growing community of 40,000 individuals and we are ready to amplify your business. Join us as we navigate through the noise, propelling your venture to new heights.

    Why choose Sattelite?


    With Sattelite's Content Distribution capabilities, your message gains visibility across multiple platforms, ensuring it reaches your target audience effectively. Our strategic distribution channels maximize exposure, placing your brand in front of potential customers, partners, and investors.


    Sattelite fosters meaningful engagement with your content, encouraging interactions that drive brand awareness and loyalty. Through our platform, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, sparking conversations, and building relationships that lead to long-term success.


    Expand your reach exponentially with Sattelite's Content Distribution Platform. By tapping into our extensive network and leveraging our distribution tools, you can extend the reach of your content far beyond your existing audience, attracting new customers, partners, and investors from diverse backgrounds and demographics.

    Sattelite Team

    Your Ground, Cabin Crew and Co-Pilots

    The Heartbeat

    David Zingmark

    Co-Founder / Growth

    We will be able to highlight the hidden diamonds that deserve more publicity and attention.

    Andreas Trouin

    Co-Founder / Tech

    It has always been a goal to coach startups and other exciting scaling businesses.

    The Heartbeat

    We're not here to simply spread awareness of exciting startups and scaleups; we're here to embark on a shared journey. Imagine us as your co-pilots, navigating the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship right alongside you. Our mission? To bring your vision, your struggles, and your triumphs to the front of a relevant audience.

    At the core of Sattelite lies a dedication to building connections. As a Content Distribution Platform, we are storytellers who craft narratives that inspire, stir emotions and initiate meaningful discussions. Your story serves as a bridge, and we are connecting you with the right audience.

    Think of us as your artistic haven, a canvas where your company's story evolves from a mere idea to a masterpiece. With your own newsroom, you wield the brush, painting your narrative with vibrant strokes that intrigue, inspire, and invite the world to be a part of your tale.


    Got questions? Explore our FAQ section to find the information you need to help you get started on your journey to growth.

    What does your distribution platform do and how can it help my company? arrow faq
    Our distribution platform is designed to help enterprises establish a strong presence for exposure. We offer an efficient channel to distribute the company's news and history to potential investors, customers, and other stakeholders. By showcasing the real values, we contribute to increased visibility and understanding of your business in the market. Every day, we attract stakeholders and journalists seeking interesting companies to explore and learn more about.
    What types of companies do you work with? arrow faq
    We collaborate with a variety of companies, including startups, publicly traded companies, and other businesses across different industries and sectors. Our service is suitable for companies looking to increase their visibility and reach investors, customers, and other stakeholders through effective distribution and PR communication. Whether you're just starting out and want to raise awareness about your product or you're an established organization looking to strengthen your brand message, our platform offers solutions tailored to your needs.
    What results can we expect to achieve by using your platform for PR distribution? arrow faq
    When using our PR distribution platform, the results will be tailored to your company's specific needs and goals. For public companies, this may involve expanding the shareholder base and increasing stock trading, increasing the company's market value. For other businesses, it's about raising brand awareness and visibility among their target audience. By distributing press releases and relevant news, companies reach a broader audience of potential customers, partners, and investors. This increased exposure will lead to improved brand awareness, a stronger reputation, and attract potential investors or partners who share the company's vision and values.
    How many people are in your distribution network? arrow faq
    We have a network of over 40,000 individuals actively seeking new and exciting business opportunities to collaborate with, buy from, or invest in.
    How can I measure the effectiveness of my PR distribution through your platform? arrow faq
    You can measure the effectiveness of your PR distribution by analyzing various parameters, including increased web traffic, the number of clicks on links in your press releases, growth in social media followers, the number of published articles and their reach, as well as an increase in sales or other goals you've set for your PR campaign. Additionally, effective PR can attract more investors, leading to a higher valuation for your company. It's important to remember that PR is also a long-term investment, contributing to the goodwill of your company and enduring over time.

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