Shaping a Sustainable Future with Innovative Energy Partnerships

    Windon Energy Group, a pioneer within renewable energy in Sweden, continues to impress the market with its ambitious growth plans and innovative energy solutions. One of the latest steps in their growth journey is a new strategic partnership with the Norwegian company Østa Elektro, marking a significant expansion of their market presence. This partnership aims to strengthen the offering of solar energy and wind turbines in the Norwegian market, where Østa Elektro, with its experience and broad customer base, will play a key role.

    In 2023, Windon reported an impressive pro forma turnover of SEK 82.3 million, underscoring the company’s strong growth and profitability. The company has expanded its range to include RidgeBlade®, an innovative wind turbine that is mounted on the ridge of roofs. This product has attracted great attention and demand, with over 50 potential installation partners and more than 500 individuals expressing interest. RidgeBlade® represents a groundbreaking wind power technology that enables electricity production independent of the sun and can be installed on most types of roofs. This technology is not only quiet and visually discreet but also requires minimal maintenance and produces significant amounts of electricity.

    Windon’s commitment to being a leader in renewable energy is further strengthened through their recently signed exclusive distribution agreement for RidgeBlade® in Sweden and Norway. This agreement gives Windon the rights to represent RidgeBlade’s products and services, adding a new dimension to the company’s already comprehensive range of solar energy products and services. With this new product line, Windon is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

    Windon Energy Group’s growth strategy includes not only expansion through strategic partnerships and innovative products but also by strengthening its dealer network and improving services and support for its customers. The company has worked intensively to develop its offerings towards installers, to address deficiencies in the value chain and knowledge gaps between wholesalers, installers, and end customers. Windon’s goal is to contribute through its efforts to a more mature industry, where both installers and end customers feel secure in the process.

    The progress and innovative approach of Windon Energy Group within renewable energy reflect a strong ambition for a more sustainable future. With new products like RidgeBlade® and an ever-growing network of partners and dealers, Windon is well-equipped to face future challenges and continue to be a key player in the renewable energy market.

    Windon Energy Group is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden under the ticker symbol “WEG.”

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